On the one hand, there are our oils, which we collect every October from the olive trees that our grandparents and great-grandparents planted. On the other hand, there is the singular line, which aims to spread the culture of the oil that we make every year with different collaborators and types of olives.

our olive oils

solo singulares

Our SOLO SINGULARES oils are our way to help spread the culture of olive oil. We look for different, recognisable and original oils throughout the country. We are creating a network to share experiences and knowledge in collaboration with the small farmers who produce them.

The SINGULARES tell the story of the variety of olives, flavours, cultivation methods and different soils from which extra virgin olive oil is produced—enjoying the land. Not rushing.


Collaborating with other artisan producers is the perfect way to take our oil to new gastronomic terrains.

(no)solo aceite

El aceite es arte y el arte, puede inspirarse en el aceite. Con esta idea, hemos encargado ilustraciones que también transmiten el espíritu SOLO.