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Eder Merino is the man behind one of our SINGULARES 2022: ARRONIZ.

Some time ago, this history professor decided to return to the countryside to run the family estate, including a few hectares of olive trees in Bargota (Navarre).

Eder produces unfiltered oils, as it’s traditional in the area, bottled after approximately two months of natural and careful decanting in tanks. The Ebro valley, where these olive groves are, is an oasis of sorts, 400 metres above sea level and with chalky clay soil. An area with the most extreme continental climate with a mild Mediterranean climate mix, which yields an oil with a unique character.

Origin: olive trees of Navarra and Trujal de Rioja Alavesa.

Process: machine and manual harvesting. Cold extraction, filtering.

Harvest: October 2022

Production: 500 bottles of 250ml. / 500 bottles of 500ml.

Fruitiness: medium

Notes: herbaceous, fruity aromas of green plum and tomato; hints of artichoke, pepper and wild asparagus; balanced- spicy on the finish.

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