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Jose Antonio García is one of the forerunners of heroic olive growing in Galicia, which means that he helps farmers with small olive groves to get ahead. 

This is an early oil from the indigenous Brava and Mansa varieties, blended with Arbequina. It is cultivated intensively in micro-groves spread throughout the Ourense area, at an altitude of 130 metres. Its sweet notes have made us call it "arbequina syrup". 

The olive trees from which it comes are young, between 10 and 30 years old and have grown in an oceanic climate, making the oil taste genuinely unique.

Origin: D.O. Ribeiro. Galicia (Ourense)

Process: cold extraction, filtering

Harvest: November 2022

Production: 490 bottles of 250ml / 150 bottles of 500ml

Fruitiness: green olive

Notes: tropical fruit, white stone fruit and apple

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